Coming back from holiday is never ideal. Not only do you have to fight with the baggage carousel at Heathrow, then there’s going back to work, being poor from having eaten too many lobster rolls and having to do ALL the washing.

HOW did I wear all of these knickers?!!

Also I decided to do something really cute and agreed to work on the day I got back. So with my head hung in shame I had to wheel my suitcase on to the Piccadilly line after an overnight flight and go straight to my desk. Really nice forward planning there…

At least some miracle worker on British Airways made the sterling decision to put Bridget Jones in the film selection. I would get platinum air miles just for the pleasure of watching that at 35,000 feet.

In the week since our return, while I continue to be thoroughly deprived of sleep and eating 3 carbohydrate-solid meals a day to sustain my energy levels (tight trousers an inevitable side effect) I’ve been re-living my New York dream by having the photographs on a constant loop.

When I’m on my laptop it’s generally the rule of 3 – first tab whatever I’m actually meant to be doing, second tab photographs of Times Square and third tab Skyscanner on refresh trying to book my return as soon as possible.

One of my only regrets about when I lived in America was not making the effort to capitalise on internal flights and visit New York every damn weekend.

Probs too busy losing the feeling in my fingers in -40 degree temperatures. LOL memories.

It goes without saying that being fixated on your next holiday has lowered general productivity levels this week, but hey I’m blogging for the first time in ten days SO SCREW YOU CRITICS.

Afterall it’s tough being separated from your one true love and all it’s bountiful food and funning opportunities. And if you’ve never had the chance to visit, then I must insist that you get your little paws down to the travel agent (do they even still exist?!?!) and book those flights this minute.

You won’t regret it.


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