In the fall of 2017 there were suddenly Alpine hides everywhere in black, brown, pink and shiny leather. The trend will continue until 2018, when Dior showed alpine horses on several models during their SS18 show.

Lots of bling
Big earrings have come to stay, and it's regardless of whether it's gold, silver or similist, you choose to decorate your earflips by 2018.

In 2018, denim becomes one of the most dominant materials for jackets, skirts and of course jeans, but the material will be darker than in 2017, and the low-grade jeans will return.

Lilla has begun to take on the international fashion scene, where both Prada, Off-White and Versace showed designs in both dark and light-colored.

Stomach bag
In Denmark, the mavetask has long been a dominant trend thanks to Danish Yvonne Koné, but where the Danish interpretation was carried over the shoulder, the mavetaske is now back where it belongs to: About the stomach.

Transparent plastic and hard rubber
Chanel was plastic-fantastic at their SS18 show, where both shoes, bags, jackets and hats were made of transparent plastic, and Calvin Klein, Acne and Balenciaga showed clothes and accessories in colorful rubber. Therefore, we predict that 2018 will offer plastic a lot in both luxury and budget issues.


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